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Most of you know of my trip to Haiti in January just nine days after the earthquake that devastated this already troubled country.

My heart was broken watching the people of Haiti in pain both physically and emotionally. It was clear through this first trip that God had prepared me for this destination. Because of the trip to Haiti, the awareness of living for a cause larger than ourselves has now been brought to the forefront. After the first trip, I shared with Kara that the people of Haiti were heavy on my heart. I knew God was leading us as a family to return to Haiti and aide those in need.

Little did I know that Kara and I would soon be weakened and broken; similar to the Haitian people. Roughly two weeks after my first trip our three month old son, Noble, unexpectedly passed away. My heart was already in a heavy state from my involvement with Haiti, but now I was experiencing feelings that I didn’t know were possible.

As we continue to deal with the loss of our son; Haiti continues to resonate in our minds and on our hearts. Kara and I have now personally felt the sudden loss of a family member as thousands of Haitians did in January 2010. We discussed a new trip to Haiti for both of us; praying that God would open our hearts and utilize our skills. Plus, I wanted Kara to have the deep compassion for this mission that God had put on my heart. In April, Kara and I returned to love on the Haitian people. Living for a cause larger than ourselves was our goal while we took up the task of working in whatever capacity we could.

God has placed a calling on our life to serve and give in Haiti. As a result, we are following our hearts and moving to Jacmel, Haiti at the end of June. The overwhelming need in Haiti leaves us with a short time to raise funds for a seven month stay.

We are asking you to partner with us spiritually through prayer, and financially through support.

Can you stand with us as we go and serve? If so, please give a one-time donation or regular monthly support. These funds will allow us to continue our mission of living for a cause larger than ourselves while in Haiti for the next 7 months.

God is good all the time, even when it seems otherwise. We are humbled and filled with gratitude that you would be a part of our mission.

Living for a cause,

Adam and Kara Cole

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