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some time off.

this week the team that was scheduled cancelled, which means a little down time for our staff. Our field directors are in the states experiencing the birth of there first grand baby, so it is just the four of us hanging out and getting to know each other and work beside each other more and more. Kara and i are working on two different projects when we arent working with the teams. so even our days off can seem a little over whelming at times. we are taking this week to relax together and try to remember we are married, we tend to put alot of other needs in front of that sometimes. we are also watching two hurricanes one of which might be hitting land in the next 24 hours. another developing in the next 72 hours! it seems though we will be skirted to the north on “earl” but will still see a tropical storm from it.

it is still hard to comprehend that we are living in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.The longer i stay here the harder it is for me to grasp what it will be like to go home. we look forward to our group coming in november from our home church it will bring happiness to our homesickness that we didnt expect to have so much of.

thanks to all who read this and comment its a good conection to everyone.

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  1. Praying for you guys! Get some rest!

  2. Dotti says:

    I’m praying for you often! I wish I were coming in November. That just doesn’t happen for school teachers. Hope the rain from the storm is refreshing, but not too hard on you. Enjoy your week together. I’ll be praying that you get to both relax and accomplish something of eternal significance!

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