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november 18.

today is a special day, our son is a year old.. i wish we could spend it with him chasing him around and pulling stuff out of his mouth cause he is teething. i would never have guessed that God was setting my year up like this, i definitely feel stronger with him. Everyday i think of my son one way or another.i like to think of him taking some time away from having a blast to watch us. i still live my life like he was right here in my arms, i strive to live my life like it is still directing him on what decisions to make in his own.
i want him to see how his life would have been like with us living for causes bigger than ourselves. i hope he gets a say on who his brothers and sisters will be one day when we are ready to adopt, so he has a tie to them.
i miss you nobs.

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  1. cbraddoss says:

    Proud of you two for staying strong! An inspiration to everyone more than you know. :)

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