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november 18.

November 18th, 2010 by adam

today is a special day, our son is a year old.. i wish we could spend it with him chasing him around and pulling stuff out of his mouth cause he is teething. i would never have guessed that God was setting my year up like this, i definitely feel stronger with him. Everyday i think of my son one way or another.i like to think of him taking some time away from having a blast to watch us. i still live my life like he was right here in my arms, i strive to live my life like it is still directing him on what decisions to make in his own.
i want him to see how his life would have been like with us living for causes bigger than ourselves. i hope he gets a say on who his brothers and sisters will be one day when we are ready to adopt, so he has a tie to them.
i miss you nobs.

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more than you bargain for

August 31st, 2010 by adam

when you live in a third world country you have more time, more time to get your to do list done, have real conversations with your spouse, read, reflect. As i lay here thinking about what has gone on in our lives i dont get down or bitter i feel like i am past that stage, even though its been a long few years since my dad past away up till Noble past. i thank God for the time i had with them and the time i have with kara since her cancer scare. i look to the future from feb 9th on. We are in haiti its almost to much to grasp. we get the privilege of meeting some many people that can use just a warm greeting and a little attention. We meet people with emotional scars from the quake of loosing friends and family members, my life is refilled with joy and the energy that i have missed. i thank God for the experience and embrace his next step for us with a open heart nothing is out of reach. i think of all this while i enjoy some praise and worship laying with kara and reading 1 peter 4:11-13  12. Dear friends, dont be suprised at the painful trial you are suffering,as though something strange will happen to you.13 But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.

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some time off.

August 29th, 2010 by adam

this week the team that was scheduled cancelled, which means a little down time for our staff. Our field directors are in the states experiencing the birth of there first grand baby, so it is just the four of us hanging out and getting to know each other and work beside each other more and more. Kara and i are working on two different projects when we arent working with the teams. so even our days off can seem a little over whelming at times. we are taking this week to relax together and try to remember we are married, we tend to put alot of other needs in front of that sometimes. we are also watching two hurricanes one of which might be hitting land in the next 24 hours. another developing in the next 72 hours! it seems though we will be skirted to the north on “earl” but will still see a tropical storm from it.

it is still hard to comprehend that we are living in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.The longer i stay here the harder it is for me to grasp what it will be like to go home. we look forward to our group coming in november from our home church it will bring happiness to our homesickness that we didnt expect to have so much of.

thanks to all who read this and comment its a good conection to everyone.

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August 16th, 2010 by adam

So I have came to the conclusion that I am not a missionary and I believe I am trying to achieve the goal of missionary on my path to trying to be like God’s image. I am reading a book about one’s life story and how you influence your life story. I know a very Godly man that I’ve always looked up to; he once told the church that he was Godly enough to be a deacon in our church. We all then looked around at the deacons and future deacon candidates to see if this man wasn’t good enough. I wondered how it made all these other men feel. I learned a lesson of humility from that man. I will strive to be a missionary and be as God like as possible.

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What’s God’s Will?

August 12th, 2010 by adam

We have been trying to do a lot of “projects” on the side lately; we have a wonderful elderly lady friend, named Charlotte, with a beautiful life story that has taken in a little boy since he was an infant, which he is now 5, named Christian. She lost everything in the quake and her house came down pinning her as she covered Christian, breaking her leg badly. While she was in the hospital her house was robbed of everything valuable. Since January she spent another week in the hospital with a infection so she had to send Christian to an orphanage. While he was there he got a worm and his health is now weakening. Kara and I have many things to pray about and we are trying to figure out how we can get their house rebuilt. Looks like we could from the ground up for around $7500. We have found meds for Christian…please pray for them in a uncertain time.
Our other huge thought is an adoption. We look back at before we lost noble and I was already in Haiti making friends with people that we still see on a daily bases here. One in particular is a man named Verbo. He helped us in January and April with logistics and come to find out he helps with adoptions. He can’t accept money for his services because he doesn’t want to profit from children. PRAYER ANSWERED! Missionaries don’t tend to have alot of money. All we need to do is a home study over the phone and fill out all the paper work needed in the States.. I pray that Verbo takes this as serious as we do and makes it happen. We are worried over dead end leads. Well, thats all we have going on here besides the usual day to day stuff. lol. Thanks for taking the time to read a little about us.

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